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3 Chandbali Bridal Choker

Rs. 39,000.00

3 Hanging Chandbali Necklace

Rs. 4,800.00

5 ChandBali Choker Bridal Necklace

Rs. 21,600.00

6 Fan Kudan Necklace

Rs. 9,450.00

Big AD Kundan Necklace with Ruby Hanging

Rs. 13,500.00

Big Bridal 5 Chandbali Choker

Rs. 10,500.00

Big Bridal Emerald Necklace

Rs. 27,750.00

Big Bridal Kundan Set

Rs. 13,800.00

Big Bridal long layered set

Rs. 12,000.00

Big Kundan Bridal Full set

Rs. 23,100.00

Big Kundan Bridal Necklace full set

Rs. 12,300.00

Big Kundan Bridal Ruby Necklace

Rs. 13,500.00

Big Kundan Choker

Rs. 2,625.00

Big Kundan Choker

Rs. 6,375.00

Big Kundan Necklace with Green Beads

Rs. 9,150.00

Big Kundan Necklace with Multi Beads

Rs. 3,675.00

Big Kundan Rani Haar

Rs. 18,600.00

Big Kundan Stone Choker

Rs. 17,100.00

Big Kundan Stone Necklace

Rs. 3,500.00

Big Red AD Kunda Bridal Set

Rs. 12,900.00

Big Semi Bridal AD Kundan Set

Rs. 9,600.00

Big White Kundan Choker

Rs. 13,500.00

Bridal Long and Short Emerald Green Necklace

Rs. 27,000.00

Bridal Necklace

Rs. 20,850.00